The story of the Eroğlu brothers came to Istanbul from Aksaray in the second half of 70’s in the textile sector has started by working in a workshop making sub-production.

The foundations of the Eroğlu Giyim, the first company of Eroğlu Holding owning global companies like Colin’s and Loft, was laid by the workshop the Eroğlu Brothers founded in Mercan in 1983 by the leading of Nurettin Eroğlu. Eroğlu Konfeksiyon has realized the first move in the road to branding in 1987 and has started production of pants, shirts, and coats under the Kulis brand. Eroğlu Konfeksiyon, continued her fast development, grown rapidly and collected all workshops under Eroğlu Giyim Sanayi Ltd. Şti in 1992. The Kulis brand left its place to Colin’s brand. After the Loft brand has purchased, the factory having a closed area of 35.000 m² in Avcılar was completed.

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for the world in 4 bases!)

Continuing her way with the mission of the strong production know-how, sustainable quality approach, using the latest technological developments in the denim confection sector, Eroğlu Giyim makes the production of washed denim and non-denim to many domestic and foreign companies in her factories in Istanbul center, Çorlu, Aksaray, and Egypt locations.

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    With the strong production knowledge obtained with an experience of 30 years, Eroğlu Giyim which has the principle of meeting the expectations of her customers by rapidly sensing the world dynamics, by means of the state of the art technologies according to the needs of today, is one of the first choices of the famous global brands other than the Colin's and Loft which are her own international brands since they are established.

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    Determining that the customer satisfaction is the most important priority, Eroğlu Giyim continues to fulfill her responsibility against the environment while conducting the sustainable production and improvement activities. Eroğlu Giyim born and grown as a family company sees everybody in its body not as a worker but as an individual of the Eroğlu Brand.

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    All individuals who will join the Eroğlu Giyim family are selected very carefully and have the opportunity to develop his/herself by subjecting to lifelong training. Eroğlu Giyim the annual production capacity of which has reached to 14,5 million pieces, makes progress to be one of the giants in the textile sector with her 5.485 employees.

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