Our human resources department was founded in order to create the employee profile which is customer oriented, with high motivation, creating value added; to improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the employees; to reveal their potentials, ensure that they give superior performance, lead and improve them.

  • It is to ensure that the correct people are employed with our customer oriented approach
  • The high potentials are selected in our company
  • The improvement and continuity of our employees is ensured
  • The efficiency and productivity of our employees is preserved
  • The satisfaction and loyalty of the employees is improved
  • The employees are made felt that they are individuals of a
    big family and they are precious She becomes the most preferred
    company for the employees with superior skills in their areas in textiles.


Human resources conducts the procurement of the personnel needs emerged in time from internal and external sources based on the norm permanent staff determined as well as the processes such as training and improvement, employee motivation, personnel and accrue processes, transfer and promotion management, and determination and application of salary policies.

  • Human resources planning, selection, and assignment process
    The main purpose of the recruitment process is to gain the candidates which may adapt to the company culture and common values, have the skills and abilities required by the position they will work, open to improvement and change to the company. In order to create a CV pool to be evaluated in this process advertisements are done in various channels, career sites in the internet and the process is started. The common characteristics we expect from the candidates are the training, experience and skills required by the position as well as having the personalities compatible with the company culture and values of our company.

    The candidates which have the skills determined after the preliminary selection to be made on the resumes are called for the work interviews. In order to determine the most suitable candidate for the position looked for the managers of human resources and the related departments make cooperation in the recruitment process and the candidates are questioned for their knowledge and skills as well as considering their adaptation to the company culture. After the candidates suitable with the position are determined, the reference research is made. The candidates the reference control stage of which is positive are proposed for the position

    İşe alım yapılması planlanan pozisyona uygun aday işe yerleştirildiğinde ise diğer adaylarımıza telefon ya da elektronik posta vasıtasıyla mutlaka geri dönüş yapılır. İşe yeni başlayan çalışanlarımızı oryantasyon ve işbaşı eğitimleriyle destekler; şirketimize ve görevine uyumunu sağlarız. Şirket tanıma süreci ve oryantasyon programının ardından işe alım süreci tamamlanır.

When the candidate suitable with the position planned to be recruited is recruited, the other candidates are absolutely returned by means of telephone or electronic mail. We support the newly recruited employees by the orientation and on-the-job trainings; ensure their adaptation to our companies and their tasks. The recruitment process is completed after the process of knowing the company and orientation program.

  • Training and improvement process
    In the familiarization to work – orientation process, it is targeted to insure that the newly recruited ones know their workplaces, and the people they work with, obtain the attitudes and knowledge required by the task, the relation with the other works, learn the duties forming the work and responsibilities required by the work and the worker adapts themselves to the work in a short time. The time for familiarizing the work may range between 3 days and 1 month depending on the properties of the work done, position and experience. In our workplaces the trainings especially related with work health and safety, fire, emergency, health, quality and environment management. The non-company trainings cover the training programs conducted together with independent training & consultancy companies. “Personal improvement trainings” for increasing the productivity and satisfaction of the employees are arranged.


  • Social activity process

    Various social and cultural activities are conducted in order to increase the motivation and improve the corporate communication. Many activities in and outside the company are conducted for coloring their social lives. Bowling, volleyball, football tournaments may be counted among the sport activities done. In addition to these, it is targeted that the employees have good time outside the work areas and integrate with the company by conducting dinner organizations in the company or deportment bases like summer fun, picnic organizations, collective iftar.

    By using many intercompany communication tools, especially the "employee satisfaction survey", the opinion and feedbacks are taken related with the work and working environment from the employees. The activities necessary to obtain the targeted satisfaction level are done. Among these, thanks plates and gifts are given to the personnel completing their 10th, 15th, and 20th seniority years in the celebration days for the anniversary of the production start at the end of each year. By means of the "dialog meetings system" applied to discuss the common problems in the company and to exchange the ideas, it is targeted that it is ensured that all employees contributes to the management, the productivity is increased by the recommendations of the employees, the work processes are improved, and the motivation is obtained.


  • Salary determination process
    It is managed by having that the laws related with the working life is applied in our company, handling with in a wide perspective from the personnel affairs to social rights, and a human resources process creating value. The starting salaries for recruitments are determined based on the necessities of the position and personal skills of the candidate. When position changes of the personnel, the salary movements are conducted based on the principles defined. Market salary levels are carefully tracked in our applications. The salaries are adjusted once a year in month January according to the company and individual performance, inflation, and the positioning we target in the market.


  • Social rights
    Personnel transportation is made through services placed on various routes from the main roads. Food services are given in our cafeteria.


  • Internship process
    Internship opportunities are provided for the students of the occupational schools during school period and to university students in the summer terms. For the university students, the condition that the internship is obligatory due to their education is asked.

    The internship applications for summer term (university) is made between February 1st – May 15th, the internship applications for winter term (occupational and business schools) between August 15th – September 15th by personally filling the necessary forms in the human resources department in the company headquarters during work hours in weekdays. The internship applications are evaluated based on the requirements and capacity.

    The intern students are used the opportunities like lunch and personnel service.

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